Factory Removals

All factory removals are unique and we treat it as such by drawing up specific and detailed plans that take into account all of your particular needs. For your project we issue a detailed method statement and risk assessment, together with full certification of the lifting equipment, jacks and forklifts to be used.

As with all projects, effective planning is fundamental to success and time spent on the pre-move planning is never time wasted. Our years of relocation experience mean we can advise you of the most effective sequence of moving machines, stock and materials.

The keyword with any machine move is “expertise”. Unlike most general items that are craned and transported, machines do not necessarily have an obvious lifting point so can prove to be a challenge. DP Services Machine Removals Ltd’s drivers/crane operators have the experience and knowledge required to remove, transport and install all types of machinery, safely and efficiently.

Call DP Services Machine Removals Ltd for help with Factory Removals, no job too big.

Factory Removals Services