Our curtain sider which will keep your equipment and machinery well protected from the elements- capable of lifting and carrying 11 tonnes (draw bar trailer also available).

We can provide advice on which vehicle(s) from our fleet will be best suited to your requirements simply give the DP Services team a call on 0114 239 2970 or email info@dpservices-ltd.com

Introducing our equipment

Other Fleet Vehicles

Penny 2.7

Penny 2.7

The Penny is ideal for small spaces and smaller removal jobs. Lifting capacity 22kNm.

FASSI F85B.0.22

FASSI F85B.0.22

The FASSI's size and lifting capacity make it ideal for bigger transport jobs. Lifting capacity 81kNm.



Greater lifting capacity and reach make it perfect for reaching over buildings. Lifting capacity 140kNm.


FASSI F485RAC.2.25

Covered loading bay make this ideal for weather sensitive machinery. Lifting capacity 452kNm.

F485 -F324

FASSI F485RAC.2.25 L324

Covered loading bay with longer reach. Lifting capacity 140KnM.

Fassi F710AC.23

Extendable low loader makes the F710 ideal for long and heavy machinery. Lifting capacity 542kNm.


FASSI 710.RA.2.25

The FASSI 710 has a front mounted crane and is capable of lifting the heaviest machinery and plant.


FASSI 710RA.2.25/L516

The 31 metre reach of the L516 makes job with restricted access easy.